Versorgungen während Corona

Medizinproduktehersteller und Sanitätshäuser  sind als systemrelevant eingestuft. Auch während der Corona-Pandemie sind Versorgungen mit der exomtion hand one möglich. Vor Ort bei unserem Versorgungspartner werden alle nötigen Hygienemaßnahmen umgesetzt. Natürlich gilt für alle Beteiligten während einer Versorgung #maskenpflicht.


The founders and managing directors Dominik Hepp and Tobias Knobloch met during their study of medical technology at the Ulm University of Applied Science. Motivated by personal experiences in their past, they made the decision to put their professional future together under the motto “empowering motion”. The idea turned into a vision, the vision became the HKK Bionics GmbH and after several years of development, they proudly present the exomotion® hand one.


An interdisciplinary team – from medical engineering to business administration specialized in health care management towards interns or final theses who always bring a breath of fresh air: In our historical walls we, as HKK Bionics, combine the necessary skills and motivation to make “empowering motion” more than just a slogan. Together we work on solutions to give paralyzed hand an opportunity to grip again.


The HKK Bionics GmbH is a young spin-off from the University of Applied Science in Ulm/Germany. We develop and distribute innovative, active, bionic orthoses combining groundbreaking technologies, innovative concepts, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and traditional orthopedic craftsmanship into a compact, high-tech product that gives locomotory restricted people new mobility and valuable quality of life.


In cooperation with medical supply companies, we will provide active orthoses tailored to a patients anatomical and locomotory needs. This allows us to compensate missing physical abilities and the associated functional limitations as good as possible. The purpose of our orthoses is to considerably facilitate the patient’s independent participation in everyday life. Because less movement restriction means more freedom.


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