A revolutionary approach for new hand strength, freedom of movement
and quality of life.

The exomotion® hand orthosis was developed as a functional and reliable aid for everyday life to restore the gripping function of paralyzed hands.

  1. Exo mechanics
    The unique design allows independent bending and stretching of single or multiple fingers.
  2. Artificial tendons
    The artificial tendons are encapsulated elegant and almost invisible inside the splint.
  3. Drives
    The compact, highperformance drives are powerful, highly precise and individually adjustable.
  4. Glove
    For a perfectly comfortable fit, every single glove is custom made by hand for every patient.
  5. Splint
    The also individually manufactured splint stabilizes the forearm and metacarpus without appearing bulky.
  6. Sensor (not shown)
    The intuitive control of the orthosis is achieved through via impulses of an active muscle.