detailed medical history and advice

Before a supply with the exomotion® hand one can be carried out, the suitability must be checked by one of our supply partners.

by your doctor

Each orthosis is manufactured individually, adapted to the needs of the user and must be prescribed as a custom made product.

by you or your insurance provider

Before the production can start, you or your insurance company must have agreed to cover the costs.

of your personal orthosis

Your exomotion® hand one is made for you based on a modular system in your desired color. Each one is unique.

on how your new orthosis works

Our supply partner adjusts the orthosis to your needs and teaches you how to use it.

Supply Partners

Your partner in southern Germany

Please call: +49(0)73114002333.

Your partner in western Germany

Please contact Mrs. Lena Kraemer (+49 160 90147175 / or Mr. Günter Bieschinski (+49 173 5860452 /

Your partner in North Rhine-Westphalia

Please contact Mr. Martin Rhode (+49 1786204483 /

Your partner in northern Germany

Please contact Mrs. Ronja Lindner (+49 40 64596110 /

Your partner in south-east Germany

Please contact Mrs. Louisa Herde: +49 9131 970090

Your partner in Berlin

Please contact Mrs. Tracy Pilz (+49 1738788194 / or Mr. Jakob Popkes (+49 1738788180 /

Your partner in south-west Germany

Please contact Mrs. Mona Seifert-Maciejczyk (+49 7633 802330 /

Your partner in western Germany

Please contact Mrs. Petra Wittlich or Mr. Marvin Rickes (+49 2622 8890 /

Clinical Partners

Department of Neurosurgery

the district clinics of Swabia at the Günzburg district hospital, which is also a clinic for the University of Ulm.

AG Clinical neurotechnology

to Prof. Dr. Soekadar at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Cooperation on the application of thought control to medical devices.

Certified supply partners


in detail

about the exomotion hand one