Your partner in southern Germany

Please call: +49(0)73114002333.

Your partner in western Germany

Please contact Mrs. Lena Krämer (+49 160 90147175 / or Mr. Günter Bieschinski (+49 173 5860452 / gü

Department of Neurosurgery

the district clinics of Swabia at the Günzburg district hospital, which is also a clinic for the University of Ulm.

AG Clinical neurotechnology

to Prof. Dr. Soekadar at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Cooperation on the application of thought control to medical devices.

Your partner in south-east Germany

Please contact Mrs. Louisa Herde: +49 9131 970090

Your partner in northern Germany

Please contact Mrs. Ronja Lindner (+49 40 64596110 /

Your partner in south-west Germany

Please contact Mrs. Mona Seifert-Maciejczyk (+49 7633 802330 /